Horoscope 2020 – zodiac sign lucky in love

What the 2020 horoscope announces for all the zodiac signs and what are the astral events that prevail in the last summer.

Precious information about the zodiac signs lucky in love and money.

The 2020 horoscope abounds in astral events that will cause the natives to act in extremes: if in the first part of the month, the natives of the Zodiac are more expansive and eager to assert, at the end, they become pragmatic and calculated.

The astral events of the year 2020 are:

  • Mercury in Cancer – soul imbalance
  • Venus (Leo) Uranus (Taurus): Relationships based on money and interests break down
  • Venus (Leo) trigon Jupiter Rx (Sagittarius): sentimental expansion
  • Mercury enters Leo: immeasurable pride
  • Sun conjunct Venus (Leo): charm, affirmation, money
  • Mercury (Leo) square Uranus Rx (Taurus): words without real foundation, nerves
  • Mars enters Virgo: demands in relationships and in the profession
  • Mercury (Leo) trigon Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Venus enter Virgo: affirmation possibilities
  • Mercury enters in Virgo: perfectionism in all the power of the word


Aries spend big expenses at the beginning of the month. The relationship with the parent of life improves – marriage or child plans. Note, however, that in the middle of August an idyll may appear in the workplace. Major risks that arise from these considerations. More money at the end of August, given the projects that are taking shape now.


Aries starts the year in full force. So much so that there is a real struggle for power with both your life partner and your business partner. Feelings ignite, and the fire of passion is strong for the natives who live a love story as they dreamed. Those alone know someone special in this year


In 2020, gossip about Gemini natives are in bloom. It is advisable not to consider them and to look closely at everything that is said about them. The stars enhance the climate of the negotiations, so that those who have started career plans can “clap” to conclude beneficial contracts. The relationship with the life partner now goes through an imaps, stagnation, given the inability of the natives to make important decisions related to this sector of life. They do not withstand pressure, so I take a step back or hit the spot.


Increased efficiency in the workplace in August. It is the best month of the year for the natives of Cancer, one in which the incomes can increase considerably. The will that they will demonstrate in this professional segment will bring them recognition and reward for their efforts. Sponsors and teammates are the best allies of the natives of the Cancer sign this year.


Tensions between you and your superiors in August, even irreconcilable, that will manifest themselves throughout the year 2020. On the amorous plane, karmic meetings, romantic meetings that will change the natives perception on life. But attention is all happening around you in 2020, because they are all pieces of a puzzle of life that you will discover later.


The natives of the Virgin sign are not in a good shape at the mental level, so 2020 will come and bring more and more pressing problems. It is a decision that must be taken, although this is impossible or, in any case, very difficult. Either he has to change his job, give up something or someone he loves. The August horoscope recommends them to do … what their heart says!


The balances go out of print , they will exceed their limits on all levels of life. They seem to be afraid of nothing, they are no longer frustrated and they see things from new perspectives. This will only bring them short- and long-term gains, approvals, financing. In the chapter of love, the natives of the zodiac sign Balance meet a special person from their past!


Scorpions can turn their dreams into reality in 2020. On a professional level, they will be better understood with their superiors, who offer them multiple opportunities for professional affirmation. The relational plan is at maximum rates, becoming very popular with friends. August is a really profitable one for the natives of the Scorpio sign.


The scouts have a year with many challenges in the workplace, tasks with deadlines difficult to meet or with a very high degree of complexity. The arrows are also focusing on a lot of study this month, aware that this is the only way that they and the superiors can expect the results from them. The charm will help them to make progress in the work plan.


Tensions between the natives of the Capricorn zodiac and the loved one on account of jealousy or possessiveness. Reproaches and frustrations of the past that now come back and stir the sentimental life of the representatives of this zodiac sign. Long distance travel in the interest of service. Final and irrevocable decisions for Capricorni.


The spouses are put on business in 2020, along with their life partner. Realize, in this way, that this is the best formula, if you work as a team, because you are much stronger together. Major investments, good luck.


Beneficial evolution of the natives from the Pisces zodiac sign in the professional plane. It is a peak month for them, in which they aim for clear targets, which they can now reach. All they feel is that autumn will no longer catch them in the same position and that it is time to act or “beat the iron as it is hot.” Dare plans and the couple relationship

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