Aquarius love horoscope 2020

2020 is coming as a year full of ideas and energy for the water carrier, who from the beginning of this new cycle will feel very motivated to undertake new activities and consolidate both at work and personal level.

It is time to set foot on Earth and focus their energies on solid and viable projects, but without losing that high share of imagination and genius that characterizes the natives of this sign and helps them make a difference.

Aquarius love horoscope 2020 overview

2020 will be an interesting year for Aquarius, according to these 2020 love predictions.

Those who are in pairs and feel satisfied with the link, will have more desire than ever to be expressive and have all kinds of gestures and demonstrations of affection that will fan the link taking it to another level.

Your partner will know how to give back to them with double what they provide and harmony will flourish.

Some Aquarians who are engaged will have some rethinking regarding their relationship.

The dialogue and above all the observation of their own internal sensations will lead them to define if their current relationship is really what they want.

If the answer is no, Aquarius will always be willing to finish things in the best way and go out in search of new horizons.

For those who are not in a couple at the beginning of the year, it will be a time of opportunities.

New contacts will arise for Aquarius in fields linked to their hobbies, to those artistic and spiritual activities that motivate them. And there precisely a very enriching love for the water can arise.

It is a good time to think about what they want from a relationship and what they really think of a person to think about establishing a relationship of commitment. Knowing what they want is the first big step to find it.

Many Aquarius will be between two loves during some stages of the year. But at the end of this cycle, they will have made the decision to opt for that person who fills them on a human level and with whom they can project a future of two.

money and work

The energies of Aquarius will be very focused on their job growth during 2020 and not only in the material aspect but above all things, in a sense of personal evolution.

It is a great time to train in everything related to new technologies and in this way raise your skills to access better job opportunities.

Many Aquarians who already feel stuck in their current job, will make the decision to change jobs and very good proposals will arise in their work horizon.

The advice in this case is to meditate calmly and opt for the alternative that best suits your desire for progress.

Thanks to the efforts it has made throughout the year, Aquarius will culminate this stage with extra profits which are recommended to be used to save in order to make future investments that will allow them to access a better quality of life in the future.


Aquarius will enjoy a year without too many conflicts at the family level, although at times he may find something dispersed and not very participatory regarding family plans.

This is basically because you will find yourself evaluating labor and financial issues that will keep you quite absorbed.

It is possible that this attitude is worth certain claims from your closest relatives.

Once you have clarified your panorama and have defined the course to follow, Aquarius will again be open to sharing and more connected with family issues.

It is only a stage in which the water will need more time with himself than with the others, but it will not involve a long distance.


In matters related to health it will be a great year for the natives of Aquarius, since they will have an extra energy that will make them feel motivated and very vital.

However, it is recommended to dose your forces so as not to fall into states of exhaustion.

Rest the necessary hours, plan small weekend trips to the sea or the mountains and perform relaxing activities are great options to revitalize body and mind.

Aquarius loves sports and outdoor life and during this year the advice is to dedicate as much time as possible to those activities that allow them to harmonize and clear the mind of worries.

Avoiding excesses at the time of fun and not neglecting discipline when feeding is another important advice that will allow the natives of the water sign enjoy good health throughout the year that begins.


If you invest time in something Aquarius is in your friendships and 2020 will be an excellent year to further expand your circle, participating in new activities in the company of interesting people and similar to your tastes.

During 2020 Aquarius will have great desires to study, to start new courses, to dedicate time to art and sports and in these areas will be linked with new friendships with which you can share very pleasant moments.

It will be a year of new friendships, consolidation of ties with old friends and extremely enriching group experiences for the Aquarian natives.

Recommendations for Aquarius

Aquarius usually has a very relaxed view of life and his philosophy aims to “let flow.”

However and without changing its essence, this year it will take the reins of its destiny and decide to go for everything it really wants.

Your proactive attitude, coupled with your great inventiveness and adaptability will take you away as long as you don’t lose sight of your goals in times of greatest pressure.

Concentrating and not losing focus are the premises for an extremely successful 2020 year.

Regarding its economy and although Aquarius sees money as a means for enjoyment, the advice is that they take advantage of this time of bonanza to increase their savings since in the near future interesting investment opportunities will be presented

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