Horoscope 2020 – zodiac sign lucky in love

What the 2020 horoscope announces for all the zodiac signs and what are the astral events that prevail in the last summer.

Precious information about the zodiac signs lucky in love and money.

The 2020 horoscope abounds in astral events that will cause the natives to act in extremes: if in the first part of the month, the natives of the Zodiac are more expansive and eager to assert, at the end, they become pragmatic and calculated.

The astral events of the year 2020 are:

  • Mercury in Cancer – soul imbalance
  • Venus (Leo) Uranus (Taurus): Relationships based on money and interests break down
  • Venus (Leo) trigon Jupiter Rx (Sagittarius): sentimental expansion
  • Mercury enters Leo: immeasurable pride
  • Sun conjunct Venus (Leo): charm, affirmation, money
  • Mercury (Leo) square Uranus Rx (Taurus): words without real foundation, nerves
  • Mars enters Virgo: demands in relationships and in the profession
  • Mercury (Leo) trigon Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Venus enter Virgo: affirmation possibilities
  • Mercury enters in Virgo: perfectionism in all the power of the word


Aries spend big expenses at the beginning of the month. The relationship with the parent of life improves – marriage or child plans. Note, however, that in the middle of August an idyll may appear in the workplace. Major risks that arise from these considerations. More money at the end of August, given the projects that are taking shape now.


Aries starts the year in full force. So much so that there is a real struggle for power with both your life partner and your business partner. Feelings ignite, and the fire of passion is strong for the natives who live a love story as they dreamed. Those alone know someone special in this year


In 2020, gossip about Gemini natives are in bloom. It is advisable not to consider them and to look closely at everything that is said about them. The stars enhance the climate of the negotiations, so that those who have started career plans can “clap” to conclude beneficial contracts. The relationship with the life partner now goes through an imaps, stagnation, given the inability of the natives to make important decisions related to this sector of life. They do not withstand pressure, so I take a step back or hit the spot.


Increased efficiency in the workplace in August. It is the best month of the year for the natives of Cancer, one in which the incomes can increase considerably. The will that they will demonstrate in this professional segment will bring them recognition and reward for their efforts. Sponsors and teammates are the best allies of the natives of the Cancer sign this year.


Tensions between you and your superiors in August, even irreconcilable, that will manifest themselves throughout the year 2020. On the amorous plane, karmic meetings, romantic meetings that will change the natives perception on life. But attention is all happening around you in 2020, because they are all pieces of a puzzle of life that you will discover later.


The natives of the Virgin sign are not in a good shape at the mental level, so 2020 will come and bring more and more pressing problems. It is a decision that must be taken, although this is impossible or, in any case, very difficult. Either he has to change his job, give up something or someone he loves. The August horoscope recommends them to do … what their heart says!


The balances go out of print , they will exceed their limits on all levels of life. They seem to be afraid of nothing, they are no longer frustrated and they see things from new perspectives. This will only bring them short- and long-term gains, approvals, financing. In the chapter of love, the natives of the zodiac sign Balance meet a special person from their past!


Scorpions can turn their dreams into reality in 2020. On a professional level, they will be better understood with their superiors, who offer them multiple opportunities for professional affirmation. The relational plan is at maximum rates, becoming very popular with friends. August is a really profitable one for the natives of the Scorpio sign.


The scouts have a year with many challenges in the workplace, tasks with deadlines difficult to meet or with a very high degree of complexity. The arrows are also focusing on a lot of study this month, aware that this is the only way that they and the superiors can expect the results from them. The charm will help them to make progress in the work plan.


Tensions between the natives of the Capricorn zodiac and the loved one on account of jealousy or possessiveness. Reproaches and frustrations of the past that now come back and stir the sentimental life of the representatives of this zodiac sign. Long distance travel in the interest of service. Final and irrevocable decisions for Capricorni.


The spouses are put on business in 2020, along with their life partner. Realize, in this way, that this is the best formula, if you work as a team, because you are much stronger together. Major investments, good luck.


Beneficial evolution of the natives from the Pisces zodiac sign in the professional plane. It is a peak month for them, in which they aim for clear targets, which they can now reach. All they feel is that autumn will no longer catch them in the same position and that it is time to act or “beat the iron as it is hot.” Dare plans and the couple relationship

Aquarius love horoscope 2020

2020 is coming as a year full of ideas and energy for the water carrier, who from the beginning of this new cycle will feel very motivated to undertake new activities and consolidate both at work and personal level.

It is time to set foot on Earth and focus their energies on solid and viable projects, but without losing that high share of imagination and genius that characterizes the natives of this sign and helps them make a difference.

Aquarius love horoscope 2020 overview

2020 will be an interesting year for Aquarius, according to these 2020 love predictions.

Those who are in pairs and feel satisfied with the link, will have more desire than ever to be expressive and have all kinds of gestures and demonstrations of affection that will fan the link taking it to another level.

Your partner will know how to give back to them with double what they provide and harmony will flourish.

Some Aquarians who are engaged will have some rethinking regarding their relationship.

The dialogue and above all the observation of their own internal sensations will lead them to define if their current relationship is really what they want.

If the answer is no, Aquarius will always be willing to finish things in the best way and go out in search of new horizons.

For those who are not in a couple at the beginning of the year, it will be a time of opportunities.

New contacts will arise for Aquarius in fields linked to their hobbies, to those artistic and spiritual activities that motivate them. And there precisely a very enriching love for the water can arise.

It is a good time to think about what they want from a relationship and what they really think of a person to think about establishing a relationship of commitment. Knowing what they want is the first big step to find it.

Many Aquarius will be between two loves during some stages of the year. But at the end of this cycle, they will have made the decision to opt for that person who fills them on a human level and with whom they can project a future of two.

money and work

The energies of Aquarius will be very focused on their job growth during 2020 and not only in the material aspect but above all things, in a sense of personal evolution.

It is a great time to train in everything related to new technologies and in this way raise your skills to access better job opportunities.

Many Aquarians who already feel stuck in their current job, will make the decision to change jobs and very good proposals will arise in their work horizon.

The advice in this case is to meditate calmly and opt for the alternative that best suits your desire for progress.

Thanks to the efforts it has made throughout the year, Aquarius will culminate this stage with extra profits which are recommended to be used to save in order to make future investments that will allow them to access a better quality of life in the future.


Aquarius will enjoy a year without too many conflicts at the family level, although at times he may find something dispersed and not very participatory regarding family plans.

This is basically because you will find yourself evaluating labor and financial issues that will keep you quite absorbed.

It is possible that this attitude is worth certain claims from your closest relatives.

Once you have clarified your panorama and have defined the course to follow, Aquarius will again be open to sharing and more connected with family issues.

It is only a stage in which the water will need more time with himself than with the others, but it will not involve a long distance.


In matters related to health it will be a great year for the natives of Aquarius, since they will have an extra energy that will make them feel motivated and very vital.

However, it is recommended to dose your forces so as not to fall into states of exhaustion.

Rest the necessary hours, plan small weekend trips to the sea or the mountains and perform relaxing activities are great options to revitalize body and mind.

Aquarius loves sports and outdoor life and during this year the advice is to dedicate as much time as possible to those activities that allow them to harmonize and clear the mind of worries.

Avoiding excesses at the time of fun and not neglecting discipline when feeding is another important advice that will allow the natives of the water sign enjoy good health throughout the year that begins.


If you invest time in something Aquarius is in your friendships and 2020 will be an excellent year to further expand your circle, participating in new activities in the company of interesting people and similar to your tastes.

During 2020 Aquarius will have great desires to study, to start new courses, to dedicate time to art and sports and in these areas will be linked with new friendships with which you can share very pleasant moments.

It will be a year of new friendships, consolidation of ties with old friends and extremely enriching group experiences for the Aquarian natives.

Recommendations for Aquarius

Aquarius usually has a very relaxed view of life and his philosophy aims to “let flow.”

However and without changing its essence, this year it will take the reins of its destiny and decide to go for everything it really wants.

Your proactive attitude, coupled with your great inventiveness and adaptability will take you away as long as you don’t lose sight of your goals in times of greatest pressure.

Concentrating and not losing focus are the premises for an extremely successful 2020 year.

Regarding its economy and although Aquarius sees money as a means for enjoyment, the advice is that they take advantage of this time of bonanza to increase their savings since in the near future interesting investment opportunities will be presented

Lunar New year 2020 Horoscope

What is the date of the Chinese New Year 2020?
As well as 2021 and 2022?
The date of the Chinese New Year in 2020?
The first day of the first month of the lunar calendar.
The year 2020 of the Chinese calendar
begins on Saturday, January 25, 2020 in China
at 5:42 am Beijing time, GMT + 8
(Sunday, January 26 in America and Europe)
to end on February 11, 2021.

January 25, 2020 begins in China the year of the Rat of White Metal.

China is a charming, fascinating, mysterious country, interesting traditions, cities and monuments that attract millions of tourists from all over the world, but also a territory where technology is highly appreciated, and futuristic constructions extremely common. In addition, the festivities organized on the occasion of entering the Chinese New Year are truly impressive and are the perfect reason to visit one (or even more) of China’s beautiful cities.

The Spring Festival is the one that starts the events full of traditions that mark the entrance to the new year, 2016 being the Year of the Fire Monkey. Officially, the Chinese New Year began on February 8, and its celebration lasts seven days, from February 7, until 13. Then follows the Lampion Festival, one of the most popular holidays in Taiwan.

Spring Festival in China

During this holiday, many Chinese around the world prefer to return home, traveling with tourists who are attracted by China’s culture and beauty, such as cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Dongguan etc. they are taken by assault and extremely crowded during this period, but the whole specific lump is somehow part of the charm of each place.

Before the end of the year, specifically on the twentieth day of the last month of the year, tradition says that people must do a general cleaning in the house, which symbolizes the throwing of the bad of the end year and the preparation to receive the luck of the new year. Before the holiday, the doors of the houses are decorated with red ribbons, some with inscriptions containing words of spirit, so as to welcome the New Year properly.

Chinese New Year

On New Year’s Eve, it is celebrated in the family. People gather all the members of the family, organize a meal with traditional dishes, and adults usually give gifts to children in red envelopes. In general, gifts are in the money, and, according to tradition, the more generous someone with his gift, the richer he will be in the coming year.

After dinner with the family, most prepare to go for a walk and stop at a good place to admire the fireworks show, as well as the parade with the Lion Dance and the Dragon Dance.

These traditions are extremely popular and have reached even abroad, where there are more Chinese communities, especially in the United States, but also in Europe, Australia or New Zealand.
Chinese New Year traditions and superstitions

The Chinese are accustomed to strictly respecting the traditions specific to the New Year, in order to have luck and prosperity throughout the year. First of all, family dinner is something holy.

Also, the fish should not be missing from the table, the red decorations are found everywhere, from people’s houses, to banks in cities, malls, official buildings and important places in the city. In China, red is considered a lucky one, so the whole holiday is based on red.

Since the Chinese New Year, people also honor family members or close friends who are no longer among them, showing their respect and appreciation for them.

Also, a visit to a temple for prayer is absolutely necessary, and red envelopes with various gifts are another custom that everyone respects.

Superstitions: The Chinese believe that you will have bad luck if you clean the house on the first and second day of the New Year, if you cry during the holiday, if you apply for a loan, if you wash your hair on the first day of the year or if you do not wear red lingerie.

Chinese horoscope 2020

According to the 2020 Chinese horoscope , the year of the Rat is a good year for all: an excellent business climate, and everything in the industry will prosper. People will feel freer, easier, and the Mistret’s polite attitude will generate the feeling of wealth. But despite these favorable aspects, there will be a trace of hesitation, fierceness, doubt in one’s own strengths.


Make it clear what you have to say this September. People need clarity and not uncertainty. The first half of the month is possible to dedicate it to household tasks and goals from the workplace. If you study, do not forget to get acquainted with the syllabus, you may be confused between them. But at the same time, make time for relaxation. There may be some personal or romantic situations that you have to deal with. If you are alone, show that you care and everything will be fine.


This month you can prove yourself a true spiritual master for someone close to you who needs your guidance in understanding how to react and behave in a certain situation. Keep calm, be gentle and diplomatic. Towards the middle of the month, a lot of fun is announced, and if you are alone, chances are that you will start a new relationship. At work, there may be some extra tasks or new responsibilities at home.


Maybe you should pay attention to the inspirational and creative messages you receive. If you feel exhausted or at least uninspired, now is the time to change your attitude. This month there are positive cosmic energies that intellectually stimulate you. By the end of the month, you can plan a trip or at least a little trip that will change your mood.


Follow your goals this month. It is an excellent time to exchange experience with other people in your professional field. All of these interactions will help you advance in your career. If you are planning to start studying, now is the time to turn your dream into a reality. Towards the middle of the month you turn your attention to family or domestic issues that need your increased attention.


A new career phase is being announced, or at least a few options for studying creativity. With these powerful energies of the Earth element, you only have to act and you will be pushed from behind. If you are considering moving to another home or work place, you have every chance to organize yourself much faster and make the transfer quickly. In the second part of the month you may have to solve the problems of others. If you have accepted this situation, try not to be very harsh and critical of them.


This month you need a lot more patience than usual, especially with the people you love. However, do not forget that you also have your own needs and projects. It is not excluded to start a diet or a new project. In the middle of the month, you dedicate your time to administrative matters, bills to pay, documents verified. But some opportunities for redecoration of the house are not excluded. Be patient with people who seem to slow you down.

Sheep / Goat

This month, spend more time on your health. You’ve been neglecting it lately and you’ve started to feel more and more tired. By the middle of the month you need a lot of tact to deal with situations at work or school. Keeps the communication channels open. Towards the end of the month, a big family reunion or a trip is announced to see you with friends / relatives away.

Yearly horoscope 2019 – HEALTH, LOVE, MONEY AND WORK

Many people read them with disbelief, but there are other people who give great value to what they say and thereby mark their daily pattern.

Whether with the signs of the zodiac or Chinese animals, the horoscope and astrology always have something to project and deliver.

The Zodiac comes from the Greek zoodiakos, which means “wheel of animals”, hence the twelve signs are mostly animals.

In the 2019 astrology, the Zodiac is based on the division of twelve equal parts : the celestial band on which the sun, the moon, and the planets trace their trajectories, advancing one sector for each month of the year; explains https://Yearly-horoscope.org . Each sector contains the traditional constellation to which it owes its name.

Aries (from March 21 to April 20)

For the natives of this sign, the changes are usually beneficial in 2019. Do not lose hope of getting your biggest dream. Take advantage of the fact that the stars are in your favor.

In the economic aspect it will be a little complicated month, where you will not have money left over. After so much activity you should set a time to organize your finances well.

In the sentimental aspect, for the married the love will go very well, since both you and your partner will feel warm and loving. Singles will receive invitations that they should not miss, because it’s time to go out, have fun and have fun.

In health, you must take care a little more and avoid all kinds of excesses in 2019.

Taurus (from April 21 to May 21)

The most important thing in 2019 will be the home, you will have the opportunity to say what for some time you have kept hidden. You must break the bonds that do not allow you to advance. Modify your way of working or of working out, since you are not reaching the goals that you have proposed.

In the financial aspect you should put your finances in order. Reorganize your debts, since some setbacks may arise this year.

In love, for the married is the propitious moment to strengthen their relationship. The singles will be experiencing some difficulties, but everything disappears by the end of next month.

In health you must be careful with your skin or possible allergies.

Gemini (from May 22 to June 21)

Favorable changes are approaching in your life. You must have an open attitude towards others and your personality will give a better impression. It is a moment of transformation, celebrations with family and friends, remodeling.

Financially, this period is likely to find a way to earn more money, the stars place you in the right place and time to meet people who will indicate the appropriate financial address.

In love, married people should examine their feelings towards their partner and admit what they really feel. For singles, their emotions will relate to their past love life.

In health, they must control stress and some stomach problem.

Cancer (from June 22 to July 23)

It will be a time of changes that will be beneficial for you , it is a good time to take the leap and maybe look for another activity. A surprise call from a family member or close friend could bring you good news.

In the economic aspect, it is probable that you need a credit and you will have to have all your documents in order. The stars favor you if you need to buy or sell something important that you wanted; It is a good financial moment.

In the sentimental theme, the married will feel the impulse to change some things. If he is single, a love of the past that intensifies the passion returns.

In good health, but you must take care of your food more.

Leo (from July 24 to August 23)

The natives of this sign will feel energetic, even though they have worked very hard in recent months. You should enjoy this season and your family, regardless of the circumstances. At work conversations will flow easily and will be very productive.

In the economic aspect it is a good time for new projects. This can not only bring more money, but also improve your confidence.

In the sentimental theme, for married people it may be time to think about how to have more time for your partner. Singles will feel a great energy, which will favor their romantic life. Take advantage of it.

In health you must take care of your respiratory system.

Virgo (from August 24 to September 23)

You enter a cycle where you are presented with tests of which, however, you will emerge triumphant. It will reveal an energy that was hidden in the work. It is time to plan, especially in everything related to the home; You must get out of the monotony and make positive changes. Do what your heart indicates.

In the economic aspect you could be receiving wonderful news. You will receive financial assistance from someone close to you.

In love, the married should go out to celebrate with their partner, they deserve it. Enjoy a great night. For singles it is a good time for them to formalize a relationship.

In health you must take care of your skin and your immune system.

Libra (from September 24 to October 23)

A project in which you have placed your hopes could be delayed. You can receive some unexpected visits and you will have to work so that everything goes well. Relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

In the economic issue there will be a money that arrives, but just as it arrives it will also go away quickly, however, this period should pass without complications.

In love, the married can feel alone, but without wanting it they are propitiating the estrangement of their partner. Singles could be between two loves; look for a quick solution.

In health, you should do more outdoor exercises and take care of your cholesterol values.

Scorpio (from October 24 to November 22)

Times of changes in the work aspect are approaching. You must follow your instincts and not be afraid, since the changes will be positive. The fear of failure is your worst enemy at this time.

In monetary issues, new projects will appear on the road and businesses that flow with a lot of energy will be well aspected by the stars.

In love, for those who are married it will be important that they maintain a good communication and leave things clear in conversations with the couple to avoid misunderstandings of any kind. Singles know someone who will give them the stability they need.

In health, take care of your feet and blood circulation.

Sagittarius (from November 23 to December 21)

You will have to work hard to build what you will need in the future. Stars and stars illuminate your work sector. Seize the moment. New activity or employment on the horizon.

Economically, it is very likely that you will succeed despite your debts. Keep in mind to save for the future.

In love, for the married couple may not be marching as well as they wanted, but do not make decisions lightly, things will be solved very soon. For singles, many will be making marriage plans or starting a cohabitation.

In health is a good time, but you should relax a little more, otherwise stress can play tricks on you.

Capricorn (from December 22 to January 20)

You will feel the need to be more flexible. Delay making important decisions until you are clearer about what you really want to do. Relationship in the best way with your colleagues or partners, that will help you to see well who are your colleagues and who your friends.

In economic issues money will be a bit elusive this month, but do not despair, everything indicates that something unexpected could happen for good.

In love, married people should think about how to surprise their partner with some surprise. The singles will have a meeting with someone who will give them a lot of happiness.

In health, take care of the heart or lungs.

Aquarius (from January 21 to February 19)

Do not let indecision dominate you, be mindful and you will see how the universe brings to you the energy of movement, which will help you to detach yourself from the intensity that the stars bring to the natives of this sign. In the work aspect, take things much more calmly.

In the economic issue, take control of your finances. All you need to do is put your plan in motion and the money will arrive.

In love, for those married in this period several aspects will be affecting your home and you will live intense emotions. For singles, take into account your own feelings and do not deceive yourself with false illusions.

In health, beware of headaches and colds.

Pisces (from February 20 to March 20)

In this month you have the opportunity to find a way out of the problems you have been dealing with.

Try to keep your sense of humor at work. At this moment, your astral conjunction is stimulating you to behave in a more diplomatic way with your loved ones and close.

On the monetary issue you should act with creativity so that you attract abundance and prosperity.

In love, married people should get closer to their partner, an exit would be good for them. Singles should pay more attention to their surroundings, they can meet that person they have been waiting for.

In health you must take care of your respiratory system.

Horoscope carrière 2020 des douze signes

C’est le meilleur moment pour déterminer les grandes évolutions de carrière depuis le début de l’année. Si vous vous demandez quel chemin suivra votre carrière ou si vous obtiendrez une promotion, ne vous inquiétez pas, nous vous avons couvert. Certains peuvent être surpris de savoir que votre destin de carrière peut être prédit à partir de votre horoscope, tout comme votre vie amoureuse et les autres. Nous avons pris contact avec l’astro-numérologue de NeedMagazine , qui est également un lecteur de tarot et un grand expert en ce qui concerne l’horoscope de tous les signes du zodiaque cette année. Voici ce qu’elle dit:


Il semble que l’année 2019 apportera de nombreux changements et opportunités dans votre vie, Bélier. Carrière serait bourré d’action avec suffisamment de rentrées de fonds. Cependant, les dépenses devraient augmenter entre mars et juillet. La période d’avril à septembre ne convient pas au lancement de nouvelles activités, alors évitez cela. Dans l’ensemble, l’horoscope 2019 est très positif.


Career prospects are positive. However, avoid changing jobs during March to July and instead work sincerely. On the other hand, your spouse might get a promotion at work after May. 2019 horoscope is also indicating foreign travel, which will give you immense financial benefits. In terms of investments and paying pending dues, the year seems productive.


Il y a beaucoup d’opportunités qui vous attendent cette année, Gemini. Les planètes vous offrent l’énergie et le courage de tirer le meilleur parti de cette année. Vous allez craquer pour des affaires étrangères, ce qui contribue beaucoup à la croissance des entreprises. Cependant, faites preuve de prudence de mai à novembre en raison de l’exaltation de Mars. Sur le plan professionnel, vous perfectionnerez vos compétences pour vous aider à passer au niveau supérieur. Certaines opportunités de réseautage seront présentes, ce qui aidera à créer de nouvelles connexions. Si vous aviez des idées commerciales en tête, attendez-vous à les exécuter au cours de cette année.


Cette année apportera autant d’opportunités que de défis. Restez concentré sur le positif. La possibilité d’obtenir un profit ou un actif soudain est également présente dans les cartes pour vous. Et il y a une opportunité hors du commun sous la forme d’un accord immobilier ou d’une proposition commerciale qui vous profitera également à long terme. Mais de mars à juillet, Jupiter sera rétrograde, ce qui pourrait nuire à la chance. Pendant ce temps, vous pourriez vous sentir confus en matière de carrière et vouloir changer de travail ou de domaine.


La croissance des affaires semble évidente en 2019. Si en affaires, 2019 donnera des résultats positifs. Vos efforts apporteront les bénéfices souhaités, à condition que vous soyez persévérants et persévérants. Quelqu’un pourrait intervenir et vous aider à résoudre des problèmes commerciaux et à attirer de bonnes affaires. Les propositions et les offres que vous acceptez cette année s’avéreront enrichissantes et lucratives dans les années à venir. Leo 2019 horoscope a le succès financier écrit partout. Mais en même temps, si vous attendez un paiement, il pourrait y avoir un report notable.


Horoscope Vierge 2019 indique de nombreux changements et expériences à venir. Les choses que vous ne preniez pas longtemps occuperont la première place. Pour réussir en affaires, cela pourrait être une année marquante. Cependant, ne commencez pas une nouvelle entreprise au second semestre de 2019. Vous devriez également réfléchir à deux fois avant de partager des informations confidentielles avec quelqu’un. La foi aveugle pourrait se retourner contre vous. Si vous êtes employé, vous obtiendrez le travail que vous vouliez, mais attendez-vous à un certain retard.


Le fait de se concentrer sur sa carrière et d’être amusant entre amis marquera l’année 2019 pour vous. Cependant, il est nécessaire de maîtriser vos émotions. Ne prenez pas de décisions de carrière rapidement entre mars et juillet. Repensez avant de promettre quoi que ce soit. Sur une note positive, le conjoint ajoutera beaucoup pour améliorer la situation financière. Attendez-vous au soutien du père et au soulagement des autorités gouvernementales. La finance est un aspect qui pourrait vous exciter le plus.


C’est la période avant octobre que vous devez anticiper et tirer le meilleur parti. C’est à ce moment que les bénéfices de votre entreprise vont monter en flèche et que vous pourrez également dédouaner ou demander des prêts dans les entreprises. Si salarié, vous partagerez une relation cordiale avec vos collègues avant octobre. Comme Jupiter change de signe en Scorpio en octobre, les choses pourraient être un peu gênantes. Dans l’ensemble, l’horoscope Scorpio 2019 est plein de possibilités positives aussi longtemps que vous respectez les points ci-dessus et gardez le contrôle de la colère.


Préparez-vous à faire face à une concurrence acharnée en carrière. Il y a des difficultés mais les perspectives de revenus seraient bonnes. Soyez prudent en termes de carrière et de revenus de mars à juillet. L’année est également propice aux investissements dans l’immobilier. Cependant, une approche prudente est requise après octobre. Sagittaire, vous devrez et devez faire des efforts sérieux dans vos efforts cette année, mais la récompense sera belle aussi.


Des opportunités vous attendent, Capricorne. C’est le bon moment pour être à l’honneur. Vos compétences cachées vous donneront une croissance. Le succès viendra à vous si vous marchez sur le chemin du calme et de la sincérité vers votre but ultime. La période de mars à juillet nécessiterait une attention dans les affaires et dans la carrière. Ne changez pas votre travail en ce moment. Il est préférable de faire preuve de prudence dans la paperasse lorsque le partenaire commercial est impliqué. Toutefois, d’avril à septembre, Saturne vous accordera des contrats d’affaires à l’étranger, mais vous devez faire preuve de patience. Carrière est un secteur lumineux cette année.


L’augmentation des revenus et des sources de revenus sera votre point focal cette année, Aquarius. Gardez la patience et vous aurez droit à un nom et à un honneur. Au cours de la deuxième moitié de l’année, la carrière sera stimulée. La confusion au travail peut nuire à votre relation avec vos collègues. La période de mars à juillet entraînerait une augmentation des dépenses. Cependant, ceux qui sont en affaires se préparent à faire des affaires à l’étranger. Essayez d’être diplomate pour réussir dans votre carrière.


Sur le plan de la carrière, il y aurait des problèmes, car votre planification ne fonctionnera pas correctement. Vous pouvez également obtenir un transfert de poste soudain. La période après octobre s’améliorera. Saturne, rétrogradant d’avril à septembre, invite à attendre moins et à travailler lentement. Une fois que Jupiter sera en Scorpion vers la fin de l’année, il y aura beaucoup d’amélioration de carrière. Vous vous sentirez beaucoup soulagé par la suite.